The last generation in the “village on the hill.”

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They were the children who lived on the hill but soon after this picture was taken they were on the move...and life would never be quite the same again.

This was the last generation living in the once bustling community between King Street and Ber St in Norwich which was about to be destroyed and the whole area re-developed in the name of slum clearance.

Boys and girls who would be growing up in another place - many on the new estates being buld outside the city centre.

Thank you for all your photographs and memories of life in village on the hill. Those pictures I used brought back so many happy memories of growing up in long lost streets.

This delightful picture of the boys and girls at Horn's lane Infants School was taken by the Evening News in 1957 when they were waiting for the May 1 Maypole dancing display to begin.

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It comes from Trevor Nelson, sitting on the front row 7th from the left, aged just four.

'I lived in St John Street with my mother (Jean), father (Noel) and sister Linda. My parents have just celebrated with 60th wedding anniversary,' said Trevor.

Several of you call to say you remembered Horn's lane with great affection and Trevor recalls that in his time Miss Armes was the head teacher. 'She ran a tight ship and commanded respect at all times.'

'There are many stories to tell such as collecting newspapers to take to Warmingers and Richardsons on Synaogue Street, or collecting empty bottles to get the deposit back,' said Trevor.

'I attended St Peter Parmentergate Church in King Street and was a choir boy for a short period. Dad worked at the fruit shop owned by Mr Bullock on Prince of Wales Road and Norwich City players often popped in,' added Trevor.

<t> Heather Copeman of Hall Road, Norwich, said: 'My son and daughter were born on Bartholomew Street and when they were older went to Horn's lane School - up those steps!

'We didn't have an indoor toilet and had to go across the yard for the toilet and water for laundry up the steps.' said Heather.

'Our house was two up and two down. We were happy there but when slum clearance came we got a three-bedroom house on Hall Road which we thought was huge.

'They were happy days we will never forgot. We take luxuries for granted nowadays,' added Heather.

<t> Our pictures, the one today shows Bartholomew Street from the top of the Horn's Lane steps, also brought back many memories for Peter Smith of Norwich.

'I am 81 now and I lived at number 50 for 21 years. I have many happy memories of this area as tumble down as it was, but to its inhabitants it was a very friendly and neighbourly area to live in,'

he added.

<t> Watch this space for more of your memories and I'll show you how photographer Matthew Williams has illustrated exactly where some of the old streets were by mixing old and new pictures.