The humble postcards helping deaf children

Derek James reports on how your magnificent fundraising efforts help make life easier for deaf children.

In the days when a camera represented new technology, picture postcards were precious memories of happy times – images of an outing or an event were snapped up and sent to family and friends.

Many people love collecting cards on every subject under the sun and for many years now you have been kind enough to send me your old picture postcards.

Your cards go to experts Michael and Sylvia Porter who have customers all over this country and abroad For many years they have been raising money for the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society. It goes to buying some of the latest equipment to make life a little easier for the boys and girls.

Yes, the number of gadgets helping to break down the barriers they face in everyday life have grown and improved over the years – but they don't come cheap.

Last month you raised another �55.68, taking the grand total to �15,429.48 – that's money collected by selling the cards you give to me.

A wonderful amount, thanks to the humble postcard.

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'Once again we would like to thank Evening News readers for being so generous. Money raised by selling their cards are making a real difference to the lives of these young people,' said Michael.

Your cards will be on sale at a Stamp and Postcard Fair taking place in Norwich on Saturday, April 2.

The popular event is organised by the Norfolk and Norwich Philatelic Society at the Hewett School and will attract around 20 dealers and collectors from all over the country.

If you are thinking about taking up stamp or postcard collecting as a hobby this is the place to head for and you can be sure of a warm welcome. The fair is on from 10am until 4.30pm.

A big thank you to everybody who has sent cards in over the last couple of weeks.

I appreciate all the time and trouble you go on, bundling them up and delivering, or spending your own money, posting them.

Hundreds of them – and some quite rare – have arrived at Prospect House this month and have been collected by the Porters recently.

If you have any cards you don't want please send them my way and if you would like them collected, get in touch and I will arrange it.