City girl finally gets dream career breakthrough

Kickstarters Sophia Wakeman left and Megan Fox. 

Kickstarters Sophia Wakeman left and Megan Fox. - Credit: The Garage

Young people across the city are finally getting a shoe in the door with creative careers thanks to a much-needed boost. 

The Garage is just one of many places which signed up for the government's Kickstart scheme.

The performing arts venue offered roles to people trying to explore the sector who may not have had a chance to before. 

And one of those is Megan Fox, 20, who has been working as a front of house assistant on the scheme. 

Megan has always been a creative person with a passion for drawing. 

And thanks to her Kickstart role she has decided to pursue an art-based career, as a professional artist or owning an arts-based business.  

She recently attended an online business course with The Prince’s Trust to help realise this and has since created her own brand, Crafty Little Fox and made her own logo as well.  

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“When I first started, my goals were to gain more knowledge and experience within a creative environment so that I can take those valuable skills as an artist further with me in the future,” said Megan.  

She added: “I feel that I have strived for opportunities beyond my role, such as speaking directly to people in the art industry and looking for chances to bring my art skills in too.  

“I feel that I have a better understanding about what goes on behind a company name.  

“I have learned the importance of what is required by a company and what is required by a client, which has opened up a new perspective to take with me after my placement.” 

Megan has also gained knowledge of the financial side of a company too which has reassured her that risks can be worth it when researching and building up a target audience to support it.  

Kickstarters Sophia Wakeman left and Megan Fox at an event. 

Kickstarters Sophia Wakeman left and Megan Fox at an event. - Credit: The Garage

“As someone who aims to start a small art business of my own one day, I know this process won’t be as daunting to me in the future,” said Megan. 

If you are interested in the scheme, The Garage has two Box Office roles in Norwich. 

The deadline is November 24.

Applicants should send a CV and covering letter to