Social supermarket to help people in food poverty

Lucy Parish, chief executive officer of The Feed in Norwich

Lucy Parish, chief executive of The Feed. - Credit: The Feed

A social enterprise will be offering affordable and healthy food in a supermarket with a difference.

The Feed, which offers work experience through catering opportunities to people who face various employment barriers from mental health issue to addiction issues, is due to open its social supermarket in Norwich this autumn.

As well as a store, the enterprise on Hall Road will include a community fridge, cafe and kitchen where people can learn how to cook healthy meals.

Lucy Parish, chief executive of The Feed, said: "The supermarket is a way of helping people who are going through food insecurity and poverty in a dignified way."

Anyone can shop in the store and it is hoped community groups will get involved.

The supermarket will be an addition to the charity's Prince of Wales Road base and cafes at Kettle Foods' Bowthorpe site and REST mental health hub on Bethel Street.

It is also opening a cafe in Waterloo Park next month.