The customers’ verdict

Leila Calton, from Colegate, said: 'I have been coming here since it changed its name. Before that, there were not many places to drink round here. It's perfect to come to. It's a really relaxed place to come to after work, and then they have great music on the weekend. I also love the little garden they've got here.'

Sophie Walpole, from Lakenham, said: 'Whatever mood you are in you can come here. I feel that you could come in dressed in jogging bottoms or in a cocktail dress. You always feel comfortable. They also do great cocktails here.'

Steve Bone, who lives in the city centre, said: 'I like the beer and you can eat well. It's a nice atmosphere. You feel comfortable and you can come here to chill out. They also pay a lot of attention to little things like the beer mats they put on the table that you can draw on, and the newsletter they publish keeping you up to date.'

Conor Lynch, from just off Colegate, said: 'I started my degree at the UEA the same time it reopened under a new name and I started coming here. I should finish my degree in June, so I've been coming here the whole time I have been studying. Norwich is home to my mum and dad and I'll always come back here.'

Rohanna Cawdron, also from Norwich, is the niece of Roger Cawdron who runs the Ribs of Beef in Wensum Street. She admitted she was a traitor in coming to the Rumsey Wells, but added: 'I like the food – the fish finger sandwiches and sausage and mash. It's easy to get here after work. They also have an art gallery in the downstairs bar called the Underbelly, which is a good way of supporting local talent.'