The cat who travels from Norwich to Blakeney - by bus

Six-month-old Bramley the kitten is the purr-fect travelling companion for her owner Patricia Alexander.

Every week, the pair take the bus from Norwich to Blakeney and back again, and Bramley has become a well-known character on the route.

Miss Alexander, 54, said: 'Bramley sits on my lap for the journey with her little harness on and has never made any attempt to jump off my lap.

'She tucks her paws under and watches people. She always sits very calmly and will often doze in my arms.

'She will put her paws up on the bus window and watch other buses go past.'

Miss Alexander, of Eaton Rise, Norwich, works as a special needs teacher at Avenue Junior School in Norwich during the week and at weekends goes to her cottage in Blakeney where she is an organist for the local churches.

She takes Bramley on the bus with her because she does not like to leave her at home alone in Norwich.

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For four years Miss Alexander also rode the same bus route with her previous cat Frances, who died last year aged 13.

She has had Bramley since she was eight weeks old and ever since they have been doing the weekly trip between Norwich and Blakeney together.

Their Friday journey to Blakeney begins with Bramley jumping into a special shoulder bag which Miss Alexander uses to carry her to Norwich Bus Station.

At 4.20pm they board the number 45 Sanders Coaches service and Bramley gets out of the bag and snuggles on Miss Alexander's lap until she has to jump back into the bag to change buses. Changing at Corpusty, they take another Sanders Coaches service to Blakeney – the number 45 which turns into the number 46 – arriving at about 5.45pm.

On Sunday they start their journey at 12.40pm. After taking the Coasthopper to Sheringham they join the number 44 Sanders Coaches service to Norwich, arriving just before 3pm.

Miss Alexander said: 'I would not take Bramley on the buses if she was going to be stressed, but she does not seem to mind the bus at all.

'She adores being cuddled and snuggles up on my lap on the bus, and this is what we do every week.'

She said Bramley gets lots of attention from the other passengers. 'People are very interested, and lots of people remark on how calm and quiet she is and that their cats would not sit still on a bus like that.'

Sanders Coaches bus driver Fahmy Henien said in the three years he has worked for the company Bramley is the only cat he has had as a passenger.

Cats can travel free on Sanders Coaches while dog owners are charged 50p to take their pets on board.

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