The Blyth girls are getting together

Half a century after they left the school, the class of 62 are heading back to what is now Sewell Park

Did you leave the Blyth Grammar School for Girls School in Norwich of 1962? If you did then it's reunion time. They will be celebrating the golden anniversary of stepping out of the gates for the last time at a gathering next Saturday, back at what is now Sewell College.

Now the hunt is on to track down any of the former pupils who have slipped through the net and have not been found by the reunion organisers.

'At the moment we have at least 40 attending on September 29 including Jackie Furlonger, who is returning from Canada. They all attended the Blyth School from 1955 until 1962,' said Betty Martins, formerly Wright.

'It would be good if we could find anyone else who was with us at school in time for the reunion. We have got people coming from all over the country,' added Betty. 'We are all aged 68 now so we thought it was time to have another reunion and return to the school.'

It was back in 1991 when I told you about the first reunion for the girls from the Blyth, a traditional grammar school with such a fine reputation for equipping girls for the outside world.

The next reunion will be the eighth and will be held at what is now the Sports Centre at Sewell Park on Saturday, September 29 at 5pm. So, if you were one of the girls who started at the Blyth in 1955 – there were about 150 that year – and would like to meet up with friends from half a century ago, then this is your chance.

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