'Absolutely horrific' - Girl, 14, kicked and punched in face in fight

The fight occurred near Aldi on Drayton Road in Mile Cross, Norwich

The fight occurred near Aldi on Drayton Road in Mile Cross, Norwich - Credit: Google

A 14-year-old girl was left with a bloody nose after being repeatedly kicked and punched in the face in a fight in Norwich.

Police were called to Drayton Road, near Aldi, in Mile Cross on Saturday, May 8 just before 8pm following reports of a fight between a group of teenagers.

The victim was punched and kicked, but her injuries were not severe enough to warrant hospital treatment.

Police said enquiries were ongoing, but it is believed the victim and other teenagers were known to one another.

One resident who witnessed the attack, but does not want to be named, said: "It was disgusting to watch, absolutely horrific.

"There was a fight between two girls, with one stamping on her head and really beating her up. She was just 14."

The Aldi store on Drayton Road. Photo : Steve Adams

The eyewitness said the fight happened near Aldi on Drayton Road, with multiple members of the public stopping to try and help intervene

The eye-witness said a number of people called the emergency services. 

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Once the group was informed police were on their way the offending teenagers dispersed and ran, with police arriving on scene about 10 minutes later.

In now-deleted video footage of the fight, which was circulated widely on social media, the victim tries to walk away from the situation and is pursued, dragged to the floor and repeatedly kicked.

A boy runs over to pull the teenagers apart as a car horn blares and members of the public run to the girl's aid.

The eyewitness said: "Once the others ran off the victim was given water and tissues to stop the bleeding by a few bystanders, then she was picked up in a car and taken home. 

"We had no idea how the fight started, we just heard a commotion then looked out of the window and saw this girl was punching another girl in the face.

"Another one then joined in the attack and started beating her too.

"The girl who was being beaten walked off and these two girls went after her. One of them pulled her down and stamped on her face.

"It was so vicious.

"A few people tried to stop it but this girl was out of control."