Tax credits mix-up leaves Norwich family out of pocket

A Norwich family have told how a tax credits mix-up left them struggling to make ends meet for months.

Nicky Davy, 28, said the mix-up wiped three of her five children off the tax credits system and plunged her family into near crisis because of the knock-on drop in income.

Miss Davy, whose children are Jamie, 11, Harvey, eight, Lila, five, Chanell, 20 months, and Paige, eight months, said it had meant the family had been trying to get by on �140 less every week since early May.

She said: 'We are desperate now because it's the summer holidays and we're worried about how we're going to survive because the older ones will no longer be getting school dinners.'

Miss Davy's partner Martyn Ward, 35, had been living with his parents but injured his shoulder and was unable to continue working in labouring.

He decided to move in with Miss Davy, as he was struggling to wash and dress himself because of the injury, so the couple informed the authorities of their change in circumstances.

But somehow, three of their five children ended up being wiped off the system. Despite frantic and repeated telephone calls since May, the couple had been unable to get the situation amended.

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Mr Ward said: 'I'm hoping in a couple of months I will be back to normal so that I can do something to get us out of this muddle.'

It was only after contacting the Evening News that Miss Davy finally managed to get the situation sorted, and the couple have been told their payments will be amended from next week.

A spokeswoman for HM Revenue and Customs said: 'I am very sorry to hear of the readers' problems. Although I am unable to comment on individual cases I have passed the details onto my colleagues in the tax credit office who will contact the reader direct.

'I would also like to remind readers that time is running out to renew their tax credits they must do so by July 31 or their payments will stop. If anyone has a query on tax credits they can contact our helpline on 0845 300 3900.'

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