Taverham teenagers set up their own business

Two teenagers who struggled to find summer jobs answered their own problems by starting a business.

Keen to banish the stereotype of lazy teenagers, Greg Howlett and James Dewbery, both 16, have started Clean Wheels, a mobile car cleaning business.

Greg, from Highland Road, Taverham, said: 'James and I were trying to get a part time summer job and couldn't. We were hoping for a job in a shop or a restaurant. We washed our parents' cars and the business idea went from there.'

They made business cards, leaflets, flyers and their own website. They also constructed their own bicycle trailer to transport their equipment.

'We have got a contract with a business and clean seven or eight of their vehicles. We also clean people's cars,' Greg said.

The youngsters, who have just finished their GCSEs at Taverham High School, intend to study for their A-Levels and clean cars in their holidays and days off.

Greg said: 'It's quite nice having our own business. We can work when we want because it is just us. We are making a healthy profit which we invest back in the business to buy new equipment.

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'We also thought it looks good on our CVs. Our parents are quite proud of it. Our friends are interested in it and one asked if he could help us.'

Greg plans to study business studies, law, physics and biology at Wymondham College with the intention of being a criminal solicitor.

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