Taverham man overcomes anxiety and low self-esteem to pass driving test

Charlie Storey proudly holds his driving test certificate after overcoming anxiety; Photo credit: Su

Charlie Storey proudly holds his driving test certificate after overcoming anxiety; Photo credit: Submitted. - Credit: Archant

A Norwich shop worker has steered his life back on track by passing his driving test after overcoming severe anxiety and low self-esteem problems.

When Charlie Storey, of Taverham, left college at the age of 18 after failing all of his exams, he felt like he had hit rock bottom.

He knew his next step in life would be to get a job but because of his lack of confidence he was worried it would not happen.

The 20-year-old said: 'I've never been any good at tests, I just freeze up and forget everything I know under pressure. I even left one of my A level papers completely blank after panicking in the exam.

'After failing my A levels I knew I had to get a job and that the only way to get to work would be to drive leading me to book my first lesson with RED Driving School.

'Due to my track record with tests, I set myself a goal of passing by the time I was 21.'

After nine months of training with his instructor Steve Smith, Mr Storey was ready for his test. But unknown to him, Mr Smith had already booked it in secret.

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Mr Smith, 54, explained: 'Charlie is a very intelligent boy that failed to believe in himself or his abilities.

'After nine months of learning I knew that Charlie was ready to pass so I booked his test without telling him and surprised him on the day.

'Charlie passed his driving test in under a year with two minors - showing his capability and the possibility for anyone to pass their driving test with the right tuition.

'I was very proud of him.'

With a new-found confidence Mr Storey took the next step of applying for jobs and he did not have to wait long for some good news.

Coupled with the confidence from passing his test he managed to secure a job at Sainsbury's at the Longwater branch.

He added: 'Passing my driving test helped me to realise I can do more than I originally thought and I now believe in myself more.

'I am able to go out by myself, speak to strangers and have even started volunteering to take on different jobs in new departments.

'I am considering taking some courses outside of work too.

'I definitely have Steve to thank for this.'

Mr Storey hopes to inspired others to overcome their own anxiety.

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