Taverham children serve a taste of France to parents

The French are famous for their love of snails, coffee and croissants and primary school children embraced, almost all, of these for a French breakfast – except the snails.

Year two children at Taverham Hall School transformed their classroom into a continental caf� and waited on their parents, serving them European breakfast delights.

Using the French phrases they had learnt during the past year in school, the petit waiters and waitresses worse moustaches, stripy T-shirts and berets to get an authentic French feel. One pupil, Olivier Vedrenne, said: 'I am half French and I enjoyed the fact that my friends in Year 2 were learning my language.'

And Theonee Higgins-Wills, said: 'It was fun dressing up as French waiters and waitresses and wearing strings of onions. We had lots of laughs.'

The songs Alouette and Le Coucou were sung and for the finale the youngsters performed a dance routine to Le Coucou, a classical piece of music.

Lindsey Davies Head of Pre Prep, said: 'It was so important that the children had the opportunity and confidence to speak French in a familiar and fun environment without feeling self conscious.

'A number of the children are looking forward to repeating the experience and trying out some of their phrases when they are on holiday in France this summer.'

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