Norwich comedian left ‘humiliated’ by mobility scooter train journey row

Tanyalee Davis. Photo: supplied by The Garage

Tanyalee Davis. Photo: supplied by The Garage - Credit: supplied by The Garage

A Norwich comedian said she was left humiliated by the treatment she received during a train journey.

Canadian-born performer Tanyalee Davis was left in tears after a member of staff on Great Western Railways insisted she move her mobility scooter from the disabled space.

The emotional video detailed how the disabled comic felt 'harassed and shamed' on a trip between Plymouth and London Paddington on Sunday, July 15.

Ms Davis said she was told to move out the designated wheelchair space because a woman with a pram was getting on the train.

The confrontation between Ms Davis and the train guard escalated and was filmed by her partner, Kevin Bolden.

The guard threatened to call the police and terminate the service at the next platform.

The 47-year-old relived her experience and posted it on Youtube. She said: 'He basically said fine I am calling the police and this train will be stopped at Taunton.'

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According to Ms Davis, the operator then an announced over the tannoy 'the woman with the mobility scooter causing the problems,' and the train would be 'delayed indefinitely'.

'It was humiliating and I cried for most of the journey home,' she said. 'It was really embarrassing, I am sick of dealing with this all the time - I don't know what it is about this country, they really make you feel disabled.'

The comic hoped social media would carry the message that 'just because I have a mobility scooter doesn't make me a pariah - it doesn't make me less disabled.'

A spokesperson for Great Western Railway said: 'No one travelling with us should be left feeling like this. This should not have happened, and we have been in touch with Tanyalee to apologise directly.

'She has asked to speak with a senior member of our team to talk about her experience – and how we might avoid it happening again - and we have said we would be very happy to arrange this as soon as possible.'

The tearful video has more than 7,000 views in one day, the mobile phone footage of the incident has also been clicked on 1,500 times.

Ms Davis described the incident as 'an utter disgrace beyond words' and the significant delay caused her to miss her connecting journey home.