Suton woman overcomes illness to launch new business

A south Norfolk woman who overcame a debilitating illness with the help of alternative therapies has used her experiences to set up her own business.

Marie Delph, of Suton, near Wymondham, has recently launched Blue Sky Therapies offering a mobile reflexology, reiki and clinical nutrition advice service.

In 2002, the 45-year-old was faced with a dramatic lifestyle change when she was diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune condition lupus which causes severe muscle and joint pain and extreme tiredness.

The mother-of-three, who had been running her own outside catering company for more than 10 years, blamed the stress of juggling 18-hour working days alongside bringing up a young family for triggering the illness. It meant that overnight she was forced to quit the business she had dedicated so much of her life to.

After seeking medical help, Mrs Delph also decided to approach a herbalist for advice who she credits with changing her life. With her help she was able to work out how to change her lifestyle for the better instead of just managing her symptoms purely with prescribed medication. Taking up other alternative therapies, such as reflexology, also helped to ease her condition.

Now she has learned how to practice reflexology herself and qualified last year, adding to her previous qualifications as a clinical nutritionist and reiki healer.

She said: 'I would never say to anyone do not go to see your doctor. I do go to my doctor still but people need to know there are other options out there.'

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