Style tips for Norwich frill-seeking fashionistas

The peplum – love or hate it the frill is set to stay in fashion collections until winter, says Emma Harrowing.

Designers of the dresses, skirts and even tops that brandish a ruffle flourish at hips say that the peplum helps accentuate the waist.

It is true that any detailing will draw attention to the part of the body that it adorns. Belts have long been thought of as fashion fix accessories that can draw you in at the waist or can emphasis slim hips when worn low slung. However, the peplum has the tendency to not only emphasise your waist it can also draw all eyes to your hips. This is where the trend comes unstuck as most people who have a waist have bigger hips that they like to disguise.

Many of you followers of fashion agree. When I tweeted about peplums a few weeks ago 100pc of those who responded hated the peplum as it made their hips and bottoms look big – which begs the question: who IS wearing this fashion trend?

Kate Middleton, right, is one. She was recently spotted wearing a bright red dress with peplum detail which of course looked elegant on her and made her body still look in proportion.

So it is possible to wear the peplum if your body is in proportion and you have a tiny figure.

This style also works if you have a straight body shape with slim hips.

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The peplum can make you look like you have the curves you would probably die for as the shape will give you a waist and curvature on the hips.

Similarly if you are top heavy with slim hips the peplum is your ultimate fashion fix as it can balance out your top and bottom half. Then there are the asymmetric peplums that create an angle from your waist through your hips which could make you look slimmer as the peplum doesn't cut you off at the hip.

If you are dead against this trend you maybe dis-appointed to hear that many of the autumn and winter collections on the high street have peplum pencil skirts and dresses in them.

Luckily there are many other autumn trends that are more wearable that you might like – watch this space!

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