Reader letter: Strange goings-on over Easton food hub

Layout of the proposed Food Enterprise Park at Easton. Pic: Carve Design.

Layout of the proposed Food Enterprise Park at Easton. Pic: Carve Design. - Credit: Carve Design

Thanks for reporting on the strange proceedings held at Broadland District Council in regard to the Local Development Order (LDO) and related planning issues.

It would be fairer not to use the soft and fluffy 'food hub' description and call it like it is. An industrial estate placed on open, rising ground, located above the river valleys of the Tud, Wensum and Yare.

MORE: 'Disgusting' claim after contentious Norfolk food hub issues are given approvalThe reason it remains contentious is because of the manner in which it was achieved as an LDO in the first place (a long story). Despite the size of the site areas being artificially reduced, some controlling conditions were applied which attempt to alleviate the environmental damage of large industrial sheds and processes (as yet unknown) in the rural landscape near Easton.

Now being manipulated (and the reasons for the Judicial Review request) are the LDO conditions put in place to protect against, eg the traffic and drainage issues (always belittled disadvantages of the site), with a further height of buildings condition challenge yet to come.

These protective conditions, in a document lodged with the Secretary of State, must be properly applied and upheld.

The surface water drainage solution proposed actually takes place next to the LDO site area, thereby extending the affected area still further. Wensum Valley Alliance consider the lagoon infiltration proposals insecure and a potential contamination risk to the Tud River and Wensum and Country Wildlife Sites in association.

This is one danger where we do not want to be saying 'I told you so' and watch the authorities hide behind each other in a blame avoidance game. We have flooded NDR infiltration lagoons already, so please listen and get any new ones right.