Stowaway Norwich cat safe home after journey

A forgetful cat from Bowthorpe may have used one of her nine lives when she managed to stow away and ended up in Peterborough.

Travelling cat Essie went missing from her Norwich home on March 24, only to be found by workers at a business in Peterborough two weeks later, and they contacted the RSPCA.

It is thought that the cat got into a car or lorry, continuing her adventure west of Norwich.

Her surprised owner Linda Mortimer, of Reydon Close. was overjoyed by being reunited with Essie, having received a phone call from the RSPCA at Nuvet, Peterborough. The happy reunion was made possible by Essie's microchip which revealed her owner's contact details to help RSPCA staff find her home.

Ms Mortimer, a staff nurse in intensive care at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, has three children - Emily, 15, Edward, 14 and Fiona, 12. She also has two other cats, Storm and Sweep.

She said: 'I was amazed she had got as far as Peterborough. Essie does get lost sometimes, however normally when she wanders off, my two other cats find her and bring her home.

'She went missing last year and was gone from September until November, but she stayed local and our vet found her.

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'I think she goes out and forgets where she lives, but how she got into someone's car or van I don't know.'

She added: 'I was so relieved when I received the call to say she had been found safe, the children were so pleased.'

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Kathy Hornig said: 'The RSPCA are always keen to urge people to get their pets' micro chipped. It is a miracle that Essie has been reunited with her family after venturing so far afield.'

Ms Mortimer added:' I've had all three of my cats microchipped and it has saved Essie twice now. I don't think we would have found her this time otherwise.'

Essie is now safely back at home.

For more information on microchipping visit the RSPCA website at