Sprowston woman takes on Anne Robinson in final Weakest Link series

A Sprowston woman has gone toe-to-toe with the BBC's 'queen of mean' in the last ever series of a popular quiz show.

Artist and actress Donna Thompson, who is affectionately nicknamed Donna Africa, was chosen as one of the last contestants to appear on The Weakest Link.

And although Ms Thompson is unable to reveal whether she won, she has spoken about her battle with Anne Robinson, who called her 'annoying'.

Ms Thompson said: 'She introduced me on the show as an 'unemployed attention seeker', however, I gave as good as I got and did not allow her to intimidate or belittle me, and always remained ladylike and remembered my manners.'

Ms Thompson, who is originally from Zimbabwe, also read her specially written 'Ode to Anne Robinson' on the show. She read: 'A national treasure is she, and we Brits would have no other, to grace our tea time telly screens. As we know that this is all done, tongue in cheek, with jest aplenty and much fun, on the BBC One.

'At the end of the popular TV show, the winner triumphant with all the lolly, Anne looks away announcing, 'You are the weakest link', with a wry smile, and a cheeky wink!

'It very much leaves me to think, that maybe you and I, could be the missing link.'

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Describing the overall experience, she added: 'It is quite different when you are standing there in the studio having to remember when to look at the camera, the boards and you're having questions fired at you. And then, on top of all that, you have to remember to bank!

'It is much easier when you are in the comfort of your home in your easy chair, but the reality is very different.'

The programme will be aired in the spring of next year.

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