Sprowston woman angry at motorist who wrecked her wall

A Sprowston woman has called on the driver of a car which smashed through her front wall and sped off to come forward and take responsibility for the damage.

Patricia Miller woke on the morning of Sunday, January 30 to find the front garden of the bungalow she has lived in on Recreation Ground Road for more than 50 years had been given an unexpected remodelling.

A six-foot wide gaping hole had been left in her garden wall, bricks and damaged car parts were strewn across her lawn, the metal fencing on top of the wall was protruding into her drive at an awkward angle and there was a big patch of oil on the pavement in front of her property.

It was a mess that left Mrs Miller, 81, feeling 'dumbfounded' and with her front garden still waiting to be repaired she is now hoping that the person who caused the damage will reveal themselves to the police.

She said: 'I heard a big noise that night but I didn't know what it was but didn't think to get up and look outside.

'Then of course the next morning I got up and I saw what had happened and was left absolutely dumbfounded. I just could not believe what I was seeing.'

That she still does not know what happened that night is even more frustrating for Mrs Miller because her house backs directly on to Sprowston Police Station, opposite Sprowston Junior School.

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The driver of the car will have had to make a quick getaway to not be caught and Mrs Miller is fairly sure the culprit lived locally.

Neighbours had come round to tell her what they saw, with one saying they believed the damage left behind was from a Fiat.

Mrs Miller added: 'The community policeman spent about two days looking for the car because there was oil trickling right down the road to the North Walsham Road, so they couldn't have got far. But why should they get away with it? I'm hoping someone will come forward.'

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