Talks to take place over swimming pool as residents back bid

An aerial view of Sprowston from 2010.

An aerial view of Sprowston from 2010. - Credit: Mike Page

The prospect of a new swimming pool in Sprowston is going to be explored by the town council after survey results revealed demand from residents.

A total of 323 people out of 586 indicated they would like to see a pool following a survey which the council ran from October 1 to December 18, 2020.

The town council will be holding discussions with Broadland District Council and other interested parties to explore the potential for a facility. 

Hopes for a new swimming pool in Norwich have been dashed. Pic: Getty Images/Stockphoto

Residents have expressed a desire for a new swimming pool in Sprowston - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Following a full council meeting this week, town clerk Guy Ranaweera said: "The results of the survey clearly signal that Sprowston residents place great value on nature areas, parks, and public outdoor spaces of all kinds.

"The council’s Recreational Facilities Working Group will now start to draw up an action plan informed by the survey’s results." 

On the pool, Mr Ranaweera added: "The town council would love to have a public swimming pool within Sprowston, but in reality such a major undertaking is likely to exceed the land and resources available to council.

"However, the survey has revealed a popular desire for a swimming pool within the town, so the council will look to work with Broadland District Council and other interested parties to explore if and how a public swimming pool could be provided in a location with easy access to Sprowston residents." 

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The survey showed nature wildlife areas were the most popular choice of new facilities.

The council's working group will explore land currently owned by the authority to see what more can be done with it.

It will also continue to lobby the planning authority to insist all large scale housing developments include more high quality outdoor space within their boundary.

Town councillor Bill Couzens said: "We talked about all the areas the council own and maintain on behalf of our residents. It's a long list.

"Not only all the open spaces, woods and play areas of course, but also the Diamond Centre, council offices, public toilets and now the Viking pub too.

"Sprowston Town Council have, for decades, focused on the facilities that we can provide to our residents."