Notices to be put up after dog sickness linked to park spraying

Tim with his dog Huxley being commanded to stay Picture: Lucie Jordanna Cohen

Concerns have been raised among dog walkers in Sprowston after reports of sickness - Credit: Archant

Reassurances have been offered to dog walkers after reports of four-legged friends falling sick in a city suburb park. 

Sprowston town clerk Guy Ranaweera has said he understands the concerns which have been raised around the possible effects of spraying on the recreation ground in the town. 

Dog walkers including Nigel Steane had reported several pooches being taken ill with sickness and diarrhoea over the past two weeks with Mr Steane noting the council had been overseeing spraying in tree hedges and the car park. 

Sprowston Town Council has been made aware of the reports and has vowed to take action to make people aware in the future.

Recreation Ground Road in Sprowston. Picture Archant Library.

Recreation Ground Road in Sprowston. Picture Archant Library. - Credit: Archant

Mr Ranaweera said the spray used is of such a low toxicity that it does not require any hazard signage.

He also said feedback has been taken onboard from concerned parties and notices will be displayed at the recreation ground should any spraying take place in the future. 

Mr Ranaweera said: "It is difficult to be sure of the exact circumstances of each report but I do of course understand the concerns that have now been raised around the possible effects of spraying on the recreation ground. 

"’I'd like to reassure park users that the only spray used by our ground staff is a type of domestic weed control spray that specifically states it does not require exclusion of pets or children from the area of application.

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"It is never sprayed on the recreation ground or other grassed areas and is used only very rarely on the edges of the car park etc."

The clerk added that any spraying is in small doses which rapidly evaporate from the treated areas.

Ralff the dog enjoying a day out at Sea Palling. Picture: Danielle Booden

Some dog walkers have expressed concerns in Sprowston - Credit: Danielle Booden

Dog walkers had called on the council to use its "moral duty" to erect signs not only for the safety of dogs, but also for children who may touch the grass and subsequently put their hands in their mouth. 

Sprowston town councillor Bill Couzens said the issue was being resolved by the council, but added that he had not had anything reported to him directly. 

Mr Steane said he was happy with how the authority had been dealing with the issue.