Sportspark figures increase as more people use facilities

More people in Norfolk are getting active with latest figures showing that the popularity of the UK's largest indoor sports venue has risen in the last year.

Based at the University of East Anglia, Sportspark has revealed that in its first quarter usage, covering August to October, there has been a rise in the number of people using their facilities.

Each week Sportspark collects figures for key activities and compares them to the previous year.

This year's figures show that the number of swimmers had increased by 7 per cent, visits to the fitness centre are up by 12 per cent, the number of badminton courts sold are up by 8 per cent and the number of climbers has risen to 25 per cent.

Keith Nicholls, director of Sportspark, said: 'After a successful year last year, to show an increase compared to the same quarter is good, but in the current economic situation, is very good. It shows that we are providing what the customer wants, and delivering it well.

'That is down to the combined efforts of every member of staff.'

Sportspark has recently undergone a re-brand which includes a new logo, website and advertising campaign, which aims to target inactive individuals to become more active.

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Although Sportspark is owned and managed by the University it is open to everyone, not just the people studying and working at the University of East Anglia.

Mr Nicholls said: 'We believe that Sportspark has a fantastic range of facilities and the fact we don't lock our customers into long term expensive contracts, clearly encourages the first time users to give us a try. Our prices continue to provide value for money for members of the community who are trying to improve their health by becoming more active.

'Now that the government has issued targets for reducing public expenditure it will become more difficult for us to maintain these increases in visitor numbers. If we continue to improve our service and improve our facilities we will keep most of our users and attract new ones.'

Sportspark has also seen the number of people taking memberships out increase, compared to the same time last year, although they do offer 'pay and play', for anyone to turn up at any time.

For more information about Sportspark visit or call 01603 592398.