Speeding drivers targeted by Norwich school pupils

Ben KendallPrimary school children have joined forces with the police to warn drivers about the dangers of speeding.Ben Kendall

Primary school children have joined forces with the police to warn drivers about the dangers of speeding.

Children at Lakenham Primary School took part in the latest speed checks carried out yesterday in City Road, Norwich.

Motorists caught exceeding the 30mph speed limit were stopped and offered the choice between a warning from the children or a fixed penalty ticket. Four drivers were stopped within the first 10 minutes and all opted for the warning.

It is two years since the initiative was first launched and teachers say it has had an impact on speeding in the area. Police teams across the county are considering adopting the novel approach.

Parent Kerry Beall said: "I have lived in Lakenham since I was eight years old and lived on the main Barrett Road where there is a lot of traffic and speeding drivers. This has been a real issue for me and my children.

"My son wants to walk to school on his own, but I won't let him as I am scared about the amount of traffic and those drivers who choose to speed may knock him over.

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"I think it is a great idea to use children to speak to drivers as it does make drivers think and the embarrassment factor of being caught is almost being like named and shamed."

One of the pupils taking part, 11-year-old Domynyk Belcher, said: "When we stop the drivers they seem ashamed; a lot of them have red faces. One woman apologised and said she should know better because she has children of her own.

"It helps people realise they could seriously hurt one of us and that will stop them doing it again. It's nice to be able to do something to help the community."

PC Pete Davison said the checks had helped reduce speeds in the Lakenham area. "A lot of people we stop drive down this street every day and they never know when we're going to be here," he said.

"In a lot of case they may only be speeding by two or three miles an hour - but that is enough to make a difference if they hit a child.

"We have done this a number of times over the last two years and it does seem to be making a difference."

A similar event was carried out last week and pupils stopped four motorists and one motorcyclist. Members of the public have raised speeding as a key issue in the Lakenham and Tuckswood area.

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