Spectators at fireworks display hit out at hour-long queues

Families have reported "utter chaos" at Rackheath Firework Display last Friday night.

Families have reported 'chaos' at Rackheath Parish Council. - Credit: Katie McHugh

Spectators at a sports park firework display have complained of "chaos", with hour-long delays to get in and people trying to attend without paying.

Families at Rackheath Firework Display at the Stracey Sports Park, on Friday, November 5, have reported children and young teens being forced to walk along dark roads packed with cars attempting to get into the event, which was organised by Rackheath Parish Council.

The parish council has said that a nearby crash made traffic in the area worse, contributing to queues.

One parent of a child who attended the display, who did not wish to be named, said: "My 14-year-old had to walk the length of the site, which was stacked with parked cars so he had to walk on the road for most of the way, it was really dangerous.

"I was waiting out of the front for my son to come home and at the same time my neighbours, who have a toddler, came back and the kids were all upset and said it was absolute carnage, they couldn't even get in.

"My son said the whole thing was terrible."

She said her son played football for Wroxham on the park and added the team was forced to clear up the debris the day after as the pitch was deemed unsuitable to play on.

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Another attendee said: "It was utter chaos, there was no parking organised so people just started parking on the industrial estate in Rackheath. In the past it's just been people from the village who've turned up but this year they just had such a an influx of people and people were trying to barge in without paying."

The woman also claimed queues blocked an ambulance - which organisers have denied - and said some people attempted to sneak in.

A Rackheath Parish Council spokesperson said: "At no point did an ambulance need to get on site."

They said two medical incidents had occurred off-site, and emergency services were called to those.

"A trained paramedic was on site for the fireworks and attended the incidents off site," they said.

"A road traffic accident on the NDR increased traffic along Green Lane West, Rackheath, exacerbating the congestion as referenced in the news report on November 5, 2021."