Special showing of wartime drama filmed in Norfolk

The latest Sunday afternoon film show at Wymondham features hundreds of Norfolk extras - paid �3 a day.

A gripping Second World War drama featuring some of the biggest movie stars around in the 1960s and partly filmed in Norfolk will be screened again at the old Regal Cinema in Wymondham on Sunday.

Operation Crossbow, made in 1964 and based on a true story, tells how allied scientists were parachuted into Europe and with the help of local patriots worked to destroy a rock-making plant at Peenemunde on the German Baltic coast.

How about this for a cast – Sophia Loren, George Peppard, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Tom Courtney, Richard Todd, Sylvia Sims and Jeremy Kemp – who found fame in TV's Z Cars.

Holkham beach was the location for the rocket-making test-pad and along its sandy shores were German cars, concrete bunkers, sentry boxes and barbed wire – a convincing wartime scene.

King's Lynn, where the shooting took place in Purfleet Street, doubled for a small town on the Dutch-German border – and a Swastika flew from the Custom House.

An astonishing 350 locals were recruited as extras and were paid �3 a day for their time and trouble.

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The film will be is the latest to be screened in the Sunday afternoon series staged by members of The Regal Experience at what is now Wymondham ex-Services Club.

The supporting short documentary film War and Order was made as a morale-booster in 1940 and shows how the police went about their business on the home front during the darkest days of the war.

It is a fascinating little film well worth a look.

Tickets for the Sunday afternoon show, starting at 2.30pm, priced at �5 (�4 concessions) are available from Maureen Dodman on Wymondham (01953) 605593 or Michael Armstrong on 01953 603246.