Some of President Trump’s promises may be ‘obnoxious,’ but at least he’s kept to his word

Donald Trump Picture: AP Photo/John Locher

Donald Trump Picture: AP Photo/John Locher - Credit: AP

When you look at what President Trump has done on his first days since his inauguration and the criticism he is receiving one can only say that he is only implementing the policies he promised his supporters that would take place at speed if he overcame all the odds stacked against him and won the fight to become their next president.

However obnoxious some of his promises were there were enough American who shared his vision for the way forward for the USA and turned out in their millions to vote him in.

In all my years I have never experienced any politician in this country make such clear cut promises and then when elected carry them out.

Perhaps this is because he is not a career politician as they all have bene before but a successful businessman with a ruthless streak.

I would never have voted for him and think that his isolation policy based on us against the rest of the world will cause chaos both in America itself and the rest of the world.

The bulk of the blue collar workers who voted for him believe that it is only cheap outside labour that has caused them to lose their jobs but the truth is simple automation has been the main problem where a computer-controlled machine operated by one man can now do the same work quicker than it would take a dozen machines.

As for his hatred of all Muslims and his attempted ban on them coming into America will the next step be for American Muslims having a red M stamped on their driving licences and other forms similar to the Jews having a J stamped on their papers during the Second World War.

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Trump is only carrying out his supporters' wishes which make you think that you should be careful on what you wish for when you cast your vote.

David M Coe, Rosebery Road, Norwich.