'Unacceptable': Council hits out at soiled clothing left in public toilets

A pile of soiled clothing was left in the public toilets at River Garden in Thorpe St Andrew 

A pile of soiled clothing was left in the public toilets at River Garden in Thorpe St Andrew - Credit: Thorpe St Andrew Town Council

A pile of soiled clothing was found in public toilets with a town council describing it as "unacceptable behaviour". 

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council has expressed its frustration over the situation as the clothes were left in the River Green toilets. 

Cleaning staff found the pile of clothes before putting them in a bag and quickly disposing of them. 

A spokeswoman for Thorpe St Andrew Town Council said: "We have no idea exactly when this happened and we would not normally post about things like that but it is happening more and more frequently. 

"We have had other instances of this and there has been all sorts of behaviour down on the Green in the past. People get the toilet paper and stick it to the walls." 

The council will not be implementing any direct measures in response to the soiled clothing as they wish to keep it open as a key facility for the public to use.

But the spokeswoman said the local authority will continue to monitor the situation. 

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A cleaner goes into the toilets early in the morning or late at night. 

Residents have described the situation as "disgusting" in response to a picture of the clothing which was posted on the town council's Facebook page. 

The council post said: "UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR!

"Sadly at the weekend, our cleaning staff had to deal with a pile of soiled clothes being left in the toilets at River Green.

"This is not the normal situation, but completely unacceptable." 

In response to this post, resident Eddie Baker said: "Terrible, what’s wrong with people?" 

But Shirley Barrett said: "While it's not a normal situation we don't know the full story behind this. I say this after years of working with people both in a hospital and the community." 

The public toilets at River Green on Yarmouth Road are not the only facilities managed by the council. 

There are also toilets available during normal working hours for park users at the Sir George Morse Park on Laundry Lane, as well as at the Town Hall in Fitzmaurice Park.