Paralysed man walks up Gas Hill in Norwich

Simon Kindleysides, wearing the ReWalk suit. Photo: Simon Kindleysides

Simon Kindleysides, wearing the ReWalk suit. Photo: Simon Kindleysides - Credit: Simon Kindleysides

This weekend Simon Kindleysides took on the challenge of walking up and down Gas Hill in his home city.

The father-of-three from Norwich, who was diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder and a glioma brain tumour which left him paralysed from the waist down, was able to walk the 515 steps independently with the support of the exoskeleton ReWalk suit.

The Gas Hill path, which took Mr Kindleysides just under ten minutes to walk, is 300m long and has a gradient of 16pc at its steepest.

In a Facebook post he said: 'Would you believe I was in a coma two weeks ago? I'm fighting on and pushing myself with new challenges. Anything is possible'.

Mr Kindleysides is currently trying to raise funds to permanently secure a ReWalk suit, which earlier this year enabled him to complete the London Marathon.

On his fundraising page he said: '£80,000 is a lot of money I know, but it's life changing. You can't put a price on walking.

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'I have raised thousands over the years for charities now I'm looking at it like an investment. As soon as I have my own ReWalk suit I can then raise even more money for charity'.

Mr Kindleysides has been contacted for comment on his Gas Hill walk.

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