Sheriff’s Diary

In this week's diary Sheriff of Norwich Derek James joins in the celebrations with the Canaries at City Hall.

Some footballers have a reputation for being rather full of themselves... and we can all see why.

Adored by their fans, when they are winning, it is easy for them to become brash and arrogant.

Not in Norwich.

I was one of the lucky ones to be inside City Hall on Tuesday with the footballers and their families as tens of thousands of supporters gathered outside.

And I can tell you, we can be proud of these men, both on and off, the football pitch.

They were all so pleased and thrilled to be a part of a day which they and their families will remember for the rest of their lives.

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A footballers career can be a short one, but the memories will live on.

Only a few hit the big time and enjoy all the trappings success brings with it.

Most will never be at the heart of the kind of celebrations we had in the city this week.

The players, their wives, partners and children savoured every single moment of the civic reception and the parade which followed.

Mingling with the players, the manager and his team, the backroom staff along with the officials, the directors and of course Delia and Michael, you get a real sense of togetherness.

This is a club working as a team to achieve so much and it is a successful club because of YOU, the fans.

The army of followers who turn out week in and week out, home and away, to follow their team.

The support from the people of Norwich and Norfolk is absolute fantastic and it is one so many other clubs would dearly love to have. And as the players walked out on to the balcony at City Hall and then on to the bus for their parade, they were taking pictures of you while you were taking pictures of them.

A lot of people at City Hall and at Carrow Road worked hard to made this day special – and that's just what it was. A day to remember and a day when other clubs would look to Norwich... and turn green with envy.

Hands up all those who have been part of a Mexican wave – in Norwich Cathedral!

This was one of the happiest services you can imagine.

You need a member of the clergy with a certain style to keep hundreds of boys and girls interested in proceedings but that's just what the Rev Paul Cubitt did.

Chaplain Paul conducted the Eastern Norwich Scout District St George's Day Service in the cathedral last Sunday.

Apart from Mexican waves we also had a blast of Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler, plus the chance to remember the Norwich side which beat Bayern Munich all those years ago.

We were talking about heroes – and there were plenty of young heroes in the cathedral.

Lord Mayor Tom Dylan and I were taking part in the St George's Day parade and service.

Hundreds of youngsters from scouting groups and sea cadets marched past City Hall and then made their way to the cathedral for the service.

During the service the Scouting UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bullpitt presented a top award to Peter Staple, a 70-year-old hero, from Norwich, for distinguished service to scouting over the years.

'Scouting has always been an adventure of fun and even at this age I'm still doing it,' he said.

So City Hall has been at the heart of two major events this week, involving thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life.

It is good to see the War Memorial and the gardens being treated with such respect and dignity.

I will be writing my last Sheriff's Diary next Tuesday and then passing the chains of office on to Chris Higgins.

We shall be continuing with the new Sheriff's Diary, keeping you up to date with civic life, and we will also be bringing you the Lord Mayor's Diary with Jenny Lay.

They are both in for a great year.