Shall we dance?

Did you meet your sweetheart at the Norman School of Dancing in old Norwich?

My stories about the old dance halls – the Pavilion at Banham along with the Lido (Norwood) and Samson & Hercules have revived memories of a place where hundreds of boys and girls took their partners for the first time.

The Norman School of Dancing in Norwich.

I'll bet that name rings a bell with many people who were taught to dance – and maybe fell in love for the first time – at the much loved old school.

Among those who got in touch following my dance hall tales was Michael Ives who says so many youngsters was taught how to dance at the Norman in the 1950s and 1960s.

'It was situated near All Saints Green and the barn-like building still stands there today,' he said.

'You would go during the week to learn quickstep, waltz, foxtrot and many more dances including rock 'n' roll,' recalled Michael.

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'On Saturday night there would be a dance, Peter Norman would stand there in his black dinner suit and black bow tie and play records for us to dance to. His wife Nancy and two other young ladies would encourage us to dance,' he said.

And he added: 'Peter could often call out 'come on you lazy old men, ask these lovely young ladies to dance' – this was because most of us would stand around the wall looking too shy to ask a girl to dance in case she said no!'

'It was a wonderful time and many of us met our future wives and husbands there,' said Michael.

He and I would love to hear your memories and perhaps you have some old photographs of taken at the school.

Maybe you met the love of your life at the Norman or perhaps on another dance floor in old Norwich.

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