Shae Williams, 10, is the youngest person ever to be inducted into Nelson Society

The Nelson Society has inducted their newest and youngest ever member - 10-year-old Shae Williams.

The youngster has been fascinated by HMS Victory and Admiral Lord Nelson for years, and even has a mini-museum museum dedicated to him in his bedroom in Costessey.

And now he has become the first ever honorary junior member of the Nelson Society and will become a full member aged 18.

Society Chairman Paul Ganjou said: 'We are delighted to welcome Shae as an honorary junior member.

'It it particularly encouraging to see one so young interested in the ship forever associated with the country's greatest naval hero, Admiral Lord Nelson.

'We hope that being a member will help him to develop and widen that interest in years to come.'

Shae was officially inducted as he launched an exhibition and free Nelson app at the Forum.

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The 'Discover Nelson's Norfolk' app contains a wealth of information about the sailor, and Shae was on hand to make sure the launch got off to a good start.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, it was also Shae's birthday.

Mum Karen, 43, said: 'He keeps saying it's the best birthday ever.

'The Forum said they were doing something in the holidays and they would like Shae to come along and get involved.

'When they said the date Shae said 'That's my birthday'!'

As for the birthday boy himself, Shae set up a table in the Forum with pieces from his collection to share his love of HMS Victory.

He said: 'The exhibition is about the Battle of the Nile, it was a big battle for Nelson and I've brought some of my stuff to tell people about.

'It's mainly HMS Victory but I really do like Nelson as well.

Ahead of the opening, he said: 'It's exciting, but I'm nervous too.'

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