Serious questions over plans for Food Hub on the outskirts of Norwich

Aerial picture of work on the Northern Distributor Road at Plumstead Road. Picture: Mike Page.

Aerial picture of work on the Northern Distributor Road at Plumstead Road. Picture: Mike Page. - Credit: Mike Page

I would like to support the comments of Dr Ian Shepherd regarding the NDR missing link and his views and comment on the Local Development Order for the Food Hub near Easton.

The Food Hub is a travesty of planning if it goes ahead for a number of reasons. Firstly its being supported by the Norfolk Showground, Easton & Otley College and the Norwich Research Park. Why would any of these establishments want an industrial estate?

What could the Showground possibly get out of having this on their door step, they have one show a year that in no way would have any possible advantage by having a Food Hub?

As for Eaton & Otley College what input or advantage will they get from this, are they going to send students to work there as a cheap work force?

Norwich Research Park will not know what to have an input into until someone actually tells us what businesses will be there.

MORE: Potential date for start of work on 'missing link' of Norwich Northern Distributor Road is revealed The Food Hub will basically be an industrial estate put in a spot overlooking the Tud Valley which is beautiful, taking out good farming land from food production at a time when it is important to keep our food production.

It is liable to cause flooding on the A47 as it is prone to do that at the moment, the food hub will be built on a hill right above that spot increasing the problem.

It even goes against Broadland DC own guidelines in LCAD2-Weston Green Tributary Farmland and refer to Landscape planning guidelines which says: To resist New Development: To seek to ensure any new development is small scale and responds to the historic settlement pattern, setting and traditional building materials.

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I cannot see how a 20-hectare site with industrial type buildings can possibly be classed as small and in keeping with a agricultural farming landscape.

M R Durrant, The Street, Colton.