Second hand car scam warning

Consumer watchdogs in Norfolk are warning of a second hand car scam.

Consumer watchdogs in Norfolk are warning of a second hand car scam.

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards has been made aware of an attempt to obtain money from a Norfolk resident using a second hand car advertisement.

The person involved saw an advertisement in a magazine specialising in car and other vehicle sales.

On contacting the "seller", the person was advised the car was in fact in Spain.

The seller wanted �8,000 and said they would ship the car back to the United Kingdom.

An offer was made to send photographs of the car but the potential buyer became suspicious and told the seller that they could get a friend in Spain to go and look at the car. At this point the seller said the car had in fact been sold.

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A spokesman for Trading Standards said: 'It seems certain that the car never existed or would never have been shipped to the buyer. 'People are warned to take care if unusual circumstances arise when responding to advertisements for cars. If there is anything suspicious then do not get involved.

'Always try to check into the history of a second hand car before agreeing to buy or parting with any money. There are a number of organisations which can be contacted to help you do this.

'Car advertisements magazines often contain tips on buying which are worth following. Getting a mechanical check of a car may save problems in the long run and any genuine seller would be happy for this to be done. Try to ensure you really know who you are buying from.

'Norfolk County Council Trading Standards receive enquiries from time to time from consumers who have met the seller of a car in a car park and have no idea how to trace them after they have had problems with the car.