Are you lost? Seal splashes its way to Norwich

A seal in the River Wensum in Norwich

A seal in the River Wensum in Norwich - Credit: Natalie Bolton

In many parts of the county, spotting a seal poking its head above the water is nothing out of the ordinary.

Each year, people flock to hotspots like Blakeney, Horsey and Winterton to catch glimpses of the magnificent marine mammals, whether they are lazing on the beach, rearing adorable pups or going for a swim in the North Sea.

However, it is not quite as common to spot one bobbing along in the waters of Norwich.

But this is exactly what Natalie Bolton was lucky enough to do on Sunday afternoon, when she happened upon a figure swimming the River Wensum close to St James Quay.

And the animal-lover had her camera at the ready when the seal bobbed its head up to say hello while swimming near Cow Tower.

It is not the first time in recent days that a pinnaped has been pictured in the Fine City, with one found seeking shelter underneath Carrow Bridge earlier this week.