‘The UK holds a special place in my heart’ - Sarah Darling on her new album and upcoming tour

Country singer-songwriter Sarah Darling who will be performing at Norwich Arts Centre on March 14. P

Country singer-songwriter Sarah Darling who will be performing at Norwich Arts Centre on March 14. Photo: Sara Kauss - Credit: Sara Kauss

We caught up with country singer-songwriter Sarah Darling about her career, new single and upcoming album ahead of her UK tour that will see her headline Norwich Arts Centre on March 14.

When asked to describe herself to those who hadn't heard of her, Sarah Darling said: 'I call myself wide open spaces country music. I live in Nashville, but find myself touring the world. I love to travel and my music is transporting and honest.'

With a career that has spanned over a decade, it was back in 2003 that Sarah Darling had her first taste of fame.

She became first known for appearing on E! Entertainment Television's reality show The Entertainer where she was a top-three finalist.

'It was a big part of my life early on. The advice that was given was I had the potential to be a great songwriter in Nashville. That's exactly what I decided to do, and now it's a huge part of my life.'

Since then Sarah Darling has released four studio albums with the fifth, titled Wonderland, due for release on June 7. A number of the songs from this album were made in the UK with British co-writers and producers.

'This last album process was the most challenging and beautiful. Being away from home for a year in a new place definitely tests you mentally.'

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'I really wanted to write and record an album in a new place, and the UK holds a special place in my heart.'

'I was spending most of my time in the UK so it made sense to try a new geographical location album. Now that I've done it, I probably won't stop recording albums across the world. This process was one of the greatest experiences of my life. '

This album has allowed Sarah Darling to experiment in new sonic territories.

'I have country roots embedded in me, and the goal was to blend that with a London contemporary sound.'

'The process was a lot of trial and error, and the producers and I learning from each other. It's like two worlds colliding. There has to be a lot of care or it doesn't work.'

With the album release date set, fans can hear a little bit of what's to come in the form of her latest single release, Call Me.

'It's a breezy track that lets you get a flavour of what's to come on Wonderland. It's a mix of Nashville meets London. It makes you want to get in the car and drive.'

Before the tour kicks off next week, Sarah Darling will be performing this weekend in London at Country to Country Festival (C2C) - the UK's biggest country music festival.

'On tour I'll be performing all new material and throwing in some old favourites. I will also be sharing all the new tunes at C2C! I'm actually so excited I can't stand it! C2C is my favourite time of year.'

The UK tour kicks off in Glasgow on March 12 and will culminate in Leeds on March 21.

'You can expect a different side of me. The album is fun and transporting and I'm thrilled to be taking that on the road. It's going to be an adventure of a lifetime.'

After the tour is complete Sarah Darling will be working on summer festivals and then to the release of Wonderland.

• Tickets to see Sarah Darling on March 14 are available for £17 advance from Norwich Arts Centre's website

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