Burger and dessert restaurant at heart of Norwich's clubland is a winner

Burgers, chips, chicken nuggets and desserts ordered from Sall's Lokma in Norwich. 

Burgers, chips, chicken nuggets and desserts ordered from Sall's Lokma in Norwich. - Credit: James Randle

While the nightclubs and bars are currently shut in Prince of Wales Road in Norwich, there is another reason to visit the area in the meantime.

Just off the road in Eastbourne Place, restaurant and takeaway Sall's Lokma launched in June last year and has hundreds of five-star reviews on the various delivery platforms it has signed up to.

Sall's Lokma in Eastbourne Place, off Prince of Wales Road, in Norwich. 

Sall's Lokma in Eastbourne Place, off Prince of Wales Road, in Norwich. - Credit: James Randle

I decided to order after being recommended it by a friend who had eaten in when it was allowed a few months ago and raved about its flavoursome burgers and the giant crunchy chips. 

But this is not your standard burger fare and the menu has a Mediterranean twist, with toppings such as aubergine and courgette and Turkish sausage and pepperoni.

Its namesake lokma is a traditional Turkish dessert of sweet, deep fried dough and customers can choose from a range of toppings, including chocolate, nuts and fruit.

The menu at Sall's Lokma in Norwich. 

The menu at Sall's Lokma in Norwich. - Credit: James Randle

While it is on all the major ordering platforms, my boyfriend and I went directly through the Sall's Lokma website for collection as we wanted them to keep all the money.

It said the burgers would be ready in around 15 minutes so we drove there straight away, pulled up outside and went up to the counter.

We had to wait a short while as there had been a sudden influx of orders, but the staff were very apologetic and offered us a free portion of lokma to apologise - though we said not to worry as we had already ordered plenty. 

The Norfolk burger, chips and homemade garlic mayonnaise from Sall's Lokma. 

The Norfolk burger, chips and homemade garlic mayonnaise from Sall's Lokma. - Credit: James Randle

I ordered the Norfolk Burger (£9.75) which came with a six ounce beef patty, bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkins and honey mustard and it came with a bag of salted chunky cut chips.

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Despite all the fillings, the patty itself was the star of the show and was well-seasoned and a juicy disc of joy packed with flavour.

The other fillings simply elevated it even further, with crispy bacon, which I think was turkey and would make sense with it being a Norfolk burger, balanced with tangy honey mustard sauce and a fried egg.

The egg itself was soft and not greasy at all, but I personally would have liked it a bit runnier - though I probably would have got it all over my top like Bruce Bogtrotter with his chocolate cake in Matilda. 

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say the chips were the best I have ever eaten, with fluffy potato encased in a thick, crispy exterior with the crunch of a churro.

Vegan Up Burger with a charcoal bun, chips and homemade red sauce from Sall's Lokma. 

Vegan Up Burger with a charcoal bun, chips and homemade red sauce from Sall's Lokma. - Credit: James Randle

My boyfriend went for the Vegan Up Burger (£9.75), with a plant-based patty, vegan cheddar cheese, roasted courgettes and aubergine, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkins and vegan aioli and it also came with chips.

Often when it comes to burgers, vegan alternatives can be disappointing in comparison to the meaty options available, but this was even better in my opinion.

The patty was delicious and had the taste and texture of meat but seemed fresher and combined with the soft roasted vegetables, gooey cheese and punchy aioli was an absolute delight. 

The burgers all come with a regular bun, but you can have a red or black one for 50p extra and my boyfriend went for the latter with charcoal, which gave it a smokier flavour. 

We also shared a portion of chicken nuggets (£3.95), which were delicious, and ordered its homemade red sauce and two portions of its garlic mayonnaise (both £1.50) and dunked the chips in them. 

Chicken nuggets from Sall's Lokma. 

Chicken nuggets from Sall's Lokma. - Credit: Contributed

If you order in person at the shop you can create your own lokma, with six dough balls in each portion, but online you can choose from a range of specials.

I went for the Milky Love, (£5.50) which comes with milk and white chocolate, almonds, strawberries, bananas and coconut, though I swapped the latter for pistachios.

They are like mini crispy doughnuts but with the toppings it adds an extra depth and texture and it was pure indulgent bliss. 

Lokma desserts from Sall's Lokma - left is the Dark Night and right Milky Love.

Lokma desserts from Sall's Lokma - left is the Dark Night and right Milky Love. - Credit: James Randle

My boyfriend had the Dark Night (£5.40) with dark chocolate, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and bananas - it also normally comes with white chocolate but he got that taken off to make it dairy-free as he has an intolerance. 

We didn't order any drinks because online you could only get your standard range of fizzy drinks and juices, however from the counter you can also get hot drinks, milkshakes and frappes.

Sall's Lokma is a fantastic addition to Norwich and as well as being a convenient spot for a late-night bite, it is also a really delicious takeaway ideal for a cosy night in too. 


With a bright yellow sign at the front it is very inviting from the outside and inside there are plenty of cosy booths, for when you can sit in again, and an open-plan kitchen with the full menu on overhead screens. 


The staff were very friendly and chatted to us while preparing our order. The packaging was also brilliant with everything in recyclable bags and boxes and the one for the burger folded out into a plate. 

Value for money

It cost £40.10 for both our burgers with the sides and two desserts, which we thought was excellent value for the quality and portion size. It is also great that chips come with the burger.


The vegan burger was incredible and tasted even better than the meat one. 

In Summary 

This will now be one of my go-to takeaways in Norwich and there is a huge menu that can be fully customised. 

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