Safety plan for Norwich road

Peter WalshSchoolchildren living near a busy Norwich road could soon have a safer walk to school if plans for a new crossing are given the green light.Peter Walsh

Schoolchildren living near a busy city road could soon have a safer walk to school if plans for a new crossing are given the green light.

Proposals to build a new zebra crossing on Earlham Road, near to the junction of Recreation Road, have been put forward by Norwich City Council.

The crossing, which would be the third on the road, is currently being consulted on with any objections to the scheme set to go before the committee for consideration by February 19.

The need for a safe crossing point on the road was identified as part of the Recreation Road School Travel Plan and while it will benefit pupils walking to school in the area it will also help other people too.

The crossing will be close to the Earlham House Shopping Centre and would help enable people using the centre to cross the road safely as well as helping to reduce traffic speed on that particular part of Earlham Road.

John Peacock, area representative for pedestrian charity Living Streets, said they would be giving the scheme their 'full support'.

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He said: 'We would then have three crossings on Earlham Road which I think is good news for pedestrians.

'The fact that it's a zebra crossing gives the power back to the pedestrian unlike the pelican crossing where people crossing push a button and wait for the lights to change which could take some time.'

Mr Peacock said he hoped people living in the area would support the scheme which also includes pavement widening at the zebra crossing and would involve relocating the bus stop and shelter on the city-bound stretch of the road.

Catriona Milne, chair of governors at Recreation Road Infant School, said: 'We're just very pleased that it's being looked at and hope that it will go ahead.

'It's something that's come up for a long time. We need a safer place to cross there - it's a very busy road.'

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said: 'We are consulting on a proposed zebra crossing near the shops on Earlham Road. If approved, this would be planned to be constructed next financial year.'

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