Single mum who found stabbed teen on her doorstep begs to move  

Rianne and Molly Collins desperately want to get out of their council flat. 

Rianne and Molly Collins desperately want to get out of their Mile Cross council flat. - Credit: Rianne Collins

A single mum says she no longer feels safe in her own home after a teenager was stabbed on her doorstep. 

Rianne Collins, 27, sprung into action when she found the bleeding boy outside her flat in February. 

But since then the full-time mum has suffered sleepless nights and fears for the safety of her 17-month-old daughter, Molly. 

Now the stress has got so bad the young mum has started pulling her hair out, as she suffers with trichotillomania. 

Miss Collins said she used to "love" her home but is now making pleas to the council to move. 

Miss Collins has trichotillomania, and the stress has worsened her symptoms. 

Miss Collins has trichotillomania, and the stress has worsened her symptoms. - Credit: Rianne Collins

She said she is "tormented", adding: “I have people banging on my windows most nights. 

"People shout at me and call me names in the street.” 

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She also claims that people have tried to break in. 

As a result, she says daughter Molly is unable to sleep alone. 

She said: “It’s scary bringing her up somewhere that I know isn’t safe for us.

"I can't bring myself to put Molly to bed in her own room. It just doesn't feel safe. 

“She is so clingy now because she's always been with me. She sleeps in the bed with me, it isn’t ideal but it's the only thing that works for us I guess.” 

Rianne Collins feels unsafe everyday

Rianne Collins feels unsafe everyday - Credit: Rianne collins

She said: “The council think I am totally safe, so they won’t move me, despite my pleas. 

“Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication with Universal Credit, so now I am in rent arrears which means they are unable to put me back on the secure tenant list. So I'm looking at a wait of a year.

"It's been a nightmare." 

The council were approached for comment.

Miss Collins fears it won't be another year until she's moved. 

She said: "I have trichotillomania, due to stress, I am having anxiety attacks and I have started pulling my hair out again 

“It’s hard being a single parent and you don’t get enough money to live on, I just wish the council could reconsider my needs.  

“I wish I never moved here, I am so unhappy. I feel unsafe all the time and I can’t wait to get out.”

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