Royal British Legion branch launches Poppy Appeal in Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's Thorpe Poppy Appeal

Sainsbury's Thorpe Poppy Appeal - Credit: Archant

The Royal British Legion launched their Thorpe branch Poppy Appeal at Sainsbury's Pound Lane on October 25.

The Thorpe branch will be fundraising at the store until November 11. Bill Tarring, Poppy Appeal Organiser for the branch, said: 'The Poppy Appeal raised £42m nationally last year and the Thorpe branch itself raised £18,743.21.

'At Sainsbury's Pound Lane, customers and colleagues raised £7000 for the Thorpe branch of the RBL and I would like to offer my sincere thanks for this generosity.'

In the first few weeks of the appeal, the branch has helped raise £1000 in sales of centenary badges.

Sainsbury's employee Linda Andrews was presented with a special poppy badge to thank her for her support to the charity over the last 20 years. Store manager Andy Stewardson was presented with a certificate thanking the management, staff and customers for supporting the Poppy Appeal.

Mr Stewardson said: 'We are proud to be supporting the Royal British Legion, to remember those who served in the forces and to raise money to help those in need today.

'Leading up to Remembrance Sunday, poppies will be sold by the RBL at our store supporting current and former British military personnel.

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'Last year Sainsbury's corporately raised £4.5million for the Poppy Appeal and this year we hope to raise more.'

Customers can also recycle their poppies at the customer service desk from November 12 to 24. The poppies will go back to the RBL to help make new poppies, or to generate more funds for the charity.