Row over Norwich burger van

A former builder who set up a fast food van on a store car park on a business park near Norwich has issued a desperate final plea to be allowed to continue to trade on the site.

Bill Phillips set up a catering van on the Makro car park on the Broadland Business Park in March.

Mr Phillips, 61, from Cantley, signed a short-term contract with the store, but has been notified that the arrangement has been terminated and he must finish trading as of today<tues/19>.

The father-of-three and grandfather-of-seven has worked hard to get the business off the ground and wants to be able to stay somewhere on the business park which already has a cafe, but on the opposite side to him.

However, Mr Phillips insists there is a place for him to continue trading on the business park which will not affect the existing cafe.

He said: 'I would like to move to the top of Memorial Way up in front of the Polish war memorial. It's an ideal spot. I won't be in anyone's way and I could still make a living.'

But Mr Phillips, who has collected about 200 names on a petition, said he has attempted to speak to Joanna Barnard, estate manager, about the new site on at least three occasions.

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He said: 'I've asked her three times to come and see my trailer and see how clean and tidy it is and even offered to give her a free burger but she says that's very nice but she doesn't like that kind of thing.

'I'm prepared to pay rent or have offered to put money to a charity of her choice. She has a stigma against catering trailers, but why I don't know. 'It's not as if I want something for nothing, I'm willing to pay to stay on this estate.

'There's two sides to the Broadland Business park. There's the north side where the cafe is and the south side, where I am which has got nothing at all. The type of trade I've got will not visit the cafe. Lorry drivers and van drivers aren't going to go down there so we're not taking trade off of her. I'm absolutely gutted about it. This is my livelihood.'

Mr Phillips, said he has been looking to find other sites, but as yet had heard nothing. He added: 'Basically I'm out of work. This is my livelihood and I'm getting kicked in the teeth.

Makro said that Mr Phillips had been offered a short-term contract while the store was undergoing a revamp and was without a coffee shop. A spokesman said they were trying to help find him a new pitch.