Ronan Parke’s mum hopes internet hoax did not sway voters

The news this week has been full of online claims from an anonymous person that Ronan already knew Simon Cowell and had signed a record deal with his company Syco.

Ronan and his mother have both dismissed those rumours. 'There's no truth in it,' Mrs Parke said.

Speaking about the rumours which circulated the internet this week, Mrs Parke said: 'I hope the blog didn't influence the voting. I would have hoped that people saw it was nonsense. At the end of the day, Jai won and we can't take that away from him. He is a lovely man. It is the way competitions work.

'I think it was a close call, they both sang really well. The right two were in the final.'

Meanwhile Mr Cowell told the Sunday Mirror: 'The day this hoax started was the worst of my entire career. I am so angry.

'We are close to finding out who is responsible and we won't rest until they are brought to justice. We now believe it is a rival who is trying to damage the show.'

Although Cowell's lawyers called in the police, claiming that the internet document - which has since been removed - was 'malicious communication' the Metropolitan Police were yesterday playing down any prospects of a criminal investigation.

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