Robert Fleck among those to pay tribute to Norwich man with 'heart of gold'

Norwich resident Jordan Hansell has died at the age of 26 after ongoing cardiac issues 

Jordan Hansell has died at the age of 26 after ongoing cardiac issues - Credit: Submitted

School staff and relatives have paid tribute to a 26-year-old Norwich man who died in his sleep this week after ongoing cardiac issues.

Jordan Hansell, of Argyle Street, died at his home on Monday morning just three days before his sister Donna's birthday, who died on February 7, 2005 at the age of 11 after an epileptic seizure.

His mother Lynnette described him as a big-hearted person who loved people and sports. He was a big Norwich City football fan, who also enjoyed Formula One and boxing.

Jordan Hansell died on the morning of Monday, April 5 at his home in Norwich 

Jordan Hansell died on the morning of Monday, April 5 at his home in Norwich - Credit: Submitted

Mrs Hansell said: "He was a cheeky chap but very caring with a heart of gold. He absolutely loved people and he was also loved by many.

"It's a parent's worst nightmare to lose one child, let alone two." 

Mr Hansell attended Parkside School and was described as a "great sportsman" by his former headteacher Susan Gothard, who was known as Mrs Booth when she was at the school.

She said: "Jordan was an outstanding young man who worked his way through the death of his sister which is a very difficult thing for a young man to cope with. He did very well and helped his younger brother through that when he was very little. 

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"Jordan was very gregarious and if people needed to be taken around the school, he was always a favoured pupil to do it. He was a great advocate of the school and a hugely popular young man with a huge amount of friends.  

"He would help young children with any troubles they had to deal with. I can't speak highly enough of Jordan. He was a fantastic young man and he will be sorely missed." 

The school became aware of his cardiac issues during the latter stages of his time there, when he appeared to lose energy. 

Former Norwich City striker Robert Fleck, who is a teaching assistant at the school, was particularly close to him and would sometimes visit him at hospital to reassure him. 

Ipswich v Norwich April 1996
Robert Fleck and Geraint Williams
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Former Norwich City FC star Robert Fleck paid tribute to Jordan Hansell

Mr Fleck said: "He was a big character at school and he was a boy who was well-liked. He had a lovely smile and enjoyed his football. Because of his illness he could not play all the time. 

"He was a funny boy who was always helpful to others. He liked to help people if they were in trouble and he would like to work with the caretakers. It's a blow what has happened to the poor boy."

Mr Fleck, who scored 84 goals for the Canaries, said Mr Hansell would get tired easily, and was noticeably having difficulties with his chest and heart. 

"There were lots of things he could not do which he used to be able to do which was very frustrating for him," Mr Fleck said.

"His family, friends and the school were all fantastic to him. He would sit indoors and help the caretakers with the leaves and other little jobs. He would sometimes try to wind you up and had a great sense of humour.

"It is very sad for the family not to have it once, but twice. It's absolutely heartbreaking." 

Mr Hansell leaves behind his brothers Billy and Lee, Ryan and Jamie, as well as his parents David and Lynnette. 

Funeral arrangement are currently taking place. The family is happy to be contacted on 07873 893260.