'Not ready to go all the way' - city pub to keep some rules from July 19

The Ribs of Beef on Wensum Street in Norwich. Photo: Ribs of Beef

The Ribs of Beef on Wensum Street in Norwich. Photo: Ribs of Beef - Credit: Archant

A city pub is not prepared to "go all the way" with lifting coronavirus restrictions next week with staff members not fully vaccinated yet. 

John Power, manager of the Ribs of Beef, said the pub would continue to operate with table service only with staff continuing to wear facemasks. 

The pub's decision is based on "rising infection rates and not wanting to expose customers to extra risks". 

Mr Power said he would prefer customers to continue wearing facemasks but this would not be enforced due to the government restrictions being lifted as part of step four of the roadmap

The Ribs of Beef pub, Wensum Street, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

The Ribs of Beef pub, Wensum Street, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The manager added: "As staff we will wear masks out of respect for our customers and we would prefer for them to do the same out of respect for us too when they are walking around.

"The government gives us the responsibility of making decisions. Now we still have got high cases rates and young people are not vaccinated fully, for an indoor venue which is quite small, it seems prudent to keep these restrictions." 

However, Mr Power did not agree with The Murderers policy of vaccination passports, believing this made those without jabs feel "like second-class citizens". 

A social media post by the pub said: "Today we finally got our new retractable awnings installed over the jetty, and it seems a good time to tell you all, this: We know all legal restrictions are being lifted next week, but we've given this a lot of thought, and we're not quite ready to go all the way yet, due to the rising infection rate."

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The post adds: "If we can get through this next stage without having to close the pub because one of us has tested positive, we'll take it as a win.

"Now, let's raise a glass to being on the other side of lockdown and staying here." 

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Health secretary Sajid Javid confirmed step four of the roadmap will go ahead in the House of Commons on Monday. 

This will see social distancing rules and limits on social contact removed. All remaining businesses that have been closed, such as nightclubs, will be allowed to reopen.

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