Review: Your Highness

It's a comedy with one main joke – Ye Olde English dialogue mixed with modern slang, but this is nevertheless fun with a talented cast

David Gordon Green used to be America's designated art house director, a backwoods Malick who, seemingly at the drop of a bong,

reinvented himself with Pineapple Express as a hollywood go-to-guy for weed derivative comedies.

Your highness is some kind of slacker sword and sorcery comedy whose one basic joke is dialogue that mixes Ye Olde english with contemporary slang, a ruse which very occasionally produces a gem of a line.

There is not much else to fall back on other than Americans doing their best parody RADA English accents.

Supposedly The Rolling Stones were once interested in doing a version of Lord Of The Rings; listening to James Franco's accent you imagine a remake of Krull featuring the members of Spinal Tap.

The brave prince (Franco) is forced to take his deadbeat brother (McBride) along on a quest to rescue his bride from the grasp of an evil wizard.

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To be fair, most of the performances are quite fun. Aside from Franco's endearing turn as the bold but rather soppy Prince Fabius, Natalie Portman gets to do her Katharine Hepburn impersonation again.

There is also a prestigious smattering of Brits, the pick of which is young Rasmus Hardiker who I'd only previ-ously seen opposite Steve Coogan in Saxondale. This time, he's the sidekick to the movie's star, Danny McBride of Frankenstein, and here is where the problem lies. McBride seems to have got this far basically by being Will Ferrell's mate.

McBride's comedy persona seems to be that of the unfunny jerk, the loud drunken bore who tries to pummel laughter from a group.

Bob hope or Woody Allen could make empty bravado and cowardice endearing and hilarious but in McBride it just seems hateful.

Your Highness (15)

Director: David Gordon Green

With: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Damian Lewis and Charles Dance

Length: 102 mins