REVIEW: Tinie Tempah at the Norfolk Spectacular

'Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?'

Simple, yet effective, Tinie Tempah's lyrics have earned him plaudits across the country and beyond.

He is one of the biggest names in the UK music scene and with four MOBO nominees to his name, he was sure to be a big crowd puller at the Norfolk Spectacular.

And sure enough he didn't disappoint.

Just before 8pm his DJ took to the stage and whipped up the crowd with a whole range of songs that had the crowd jumping.

Ten songs, or at least parts of 10 songs, was probably a bit much for a warm up, but finally when Tinie came bounding on everyone was really and truly ready.

He started off with Frisky and it was instantly obvious that the crowd were going to be heavily involved with lots of singing along from the start.

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Wearing shorts and shades he had the air of Pharrell Williams and when he made the crowd hold up their hands in the shape of a 'w' for Wonderman, thoughts naturally turned to Jay-Z and his Roc-A-Fella diamond. But Tinie Tempah is his own man and there could be little denying his showman qualities as he stood, with hands by his sides, soaking up the adoring cheers.

Newer song Hitz was followed by a claim that this was 'the best show I have done in a long time'.

Sure enough the audience were lapping it up, with everyone singing along to Invincible, before the swaying hands were encouraged to grab a lighter or camera as he broke it down with Love Suicide

A blast through Miami 2 Ibiza, with a slight twist, saw Tinie get the crowd to go as low as they could go before jumping to the dance tune. It certainly worked as thousands could be seen springing up and down.

The song received a huge cheer and was quickly followed by his second number 1 Written in the Stars.

Unusually for a festival act not headlining, he disappeared backstage as the crowd chanted for more. And sure enough he returned to finish his electrifying set the way everyone was expecting, with his first number 1 Pass Out.

The set had been a complete success. My only complaint, he didn't play one of my favourites Simply Unstoppable, but you can't have it all.

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