Review: The Lovely Eggs at Open in Norwich

The Lovely Eggs. Photo: Darren Andrews

The Lovely Eggs. Photo: Darren Andrews - Credit: Darren Andrews

The Lovely Eggs, surreal-psych punk rock duo, graced the stages of Open in Norwich to perform a stellar show.

The Lovely Eggs brought their bizarre brand of lo-fi punk to Open with added tricks and treats for a memorable night of live music and Halloween frivolities. Local band Tibetan Night Terrors set the mood, jiving onto the stage dressed as skeletons in Hawaiian shirts for a funky set to warm up the crowd which included a jellyfish, a viking and several animals and zombies.

Husband and wife duo Holly Ross and David Blackwell had songs from their forthcoming album along with 10 years worth of quirky tunes to deliver and they wasted no time, playing their first six or so songs without a pause.

The duo, dressed in flamboyant orange outfits and faces daubed in glitter paint, were completely absorbed in the music. Pounding drums, tight guitar riffs, vocals ranging from sweet to shouty and well timed use of distortion and other wackier effects combined to create a mighty sound for just two musicians. These simple elements combined to create intricate multilayered songs like Magic Onion while others like People are T***s were brutally simple and effective.

Another highlight, Allergies, included an extended section of werewolf howls and other Halloween noises.

When they did take a break their surreal sense of humour shone through in their random banter. They discussed the difficulties of taking their kid trick or treating in a Travelodge and Holly mused on an ant's inability to comprehend the existence of Australia.

Through it all Holly was battling a cold which caused a few false starts and key changes. 'I should sound like Mariah Carey,' she quipped at one point. All the same it was hard to fault them as they conjured up song after song creating a huge sound out of minimal kit. An eccentric, dynamic, and playful duo: It's hard not to love The Lovely Eggs.