REVIEW: Stiff Little Fingers

The lights at the Norwich Waterfront dimmed and the red stage lights took over and Go For It kicked in through the sound system, getting the audience right in the mood.

Stiff Little Fingers sprang up on stage looking chirpy and ready for a good time and proceeded to power through a set of classics such as Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae, Just Fade Away, Listen and finishing on Alternative Ulster.

There were several moments of band-audience intimacy including when they introduced their newest song Full Speed Backward, a powerful number about the financial crisis and the situation with bankers being paid too much for all the wrong things and their song Harp, which delivers an anti-racism message.

The band interacted with its fans on a personal and recognisable level creating an encapsulating atmosphere which everyone seemed to enjoy.

The band joined arms together at the end for group photos to be taken, bowed, popped off, returned to play a song, bowed, exited, returned to play two songs, left again, and then the main lights come back on and you know it's bedtime for everyone.

Jack Watson

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