Review: Skrillex

Stationed between grand sets of speakers, lights and lasers stands a man armed with just one Apple laptop — the man who was the first person to reveal dubstep to the US.

'Electronica' phenomenon Skrillex took to the UEA stage for a set lasting an hour and 45 minutes in which he left no pause between songs and simply merged all of his best tunes into one work of continuous musical prose.

Never failing to impress, his plethora of visual effects were incredible in magnitude and in impact; wielding strobe lights, confetti cannons, a huge projector and the use of the majority of the back wall in the LCR, onto which he projected music videos and every variety of pictorial patterns.

Skrillex utilises the highest and lowest of frequencies from the sound spectrum in his 'dubstep' themed songs, with the low end tones shaking every fibre of your body whilst the higher tones penetrate and provide an excellent contrast.

And in between are the samples that make the songs what they are, sometimes spoken word and sometimes lyrical, tuneful and catchy.

However it must be noted that the sound can become monotonous in some sense because, although within the songs there is variety, it is the use of all similar noises and beats and this is the main point of disagreement between fans and critics.

Some just enjoy the style, but others wish Skrillex to diversify his sound, which could only work in his favour.

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