REVIEW: Comedian Paul Chowdhry’s Live Innit stand-up show at Norwich Playhouse

Comedian Paul Chowdhry.

Comedian Paul Chowdhry. - Credit: Archant

Paul Chowdhry

Norwich Playhouse

For a stand up show that lasts 90 minutes, Paul Chowdhry delivers astonishingly few actual jokes.

There are probably around half a dozen genuine build 'em up, knock 'em down gags, weaved around a series of straw men claims of political correctness, mock shocking racist scenarios, and faked social media posts.

Mixed on Wednesday night with some of the strangest audience interactions that I've witnessed at the Norwich Playhouse, it made for a start-stop night of awkward laughs and pretend outrage that never really found its metre.

As he reminded us, Chowdhry has recently performed at Wembley Arena so there is a definite audience for his material – but then again it's also booked up for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience in May, so who can tell? Maybe it's just that neither are for me.

Paul Chowdhry returns to Norwich Playhouse on February 3, 2018 with shows at 6pm and 9pm.

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