Review of Mr Hudson at UEA

Mr Hudson - UEA LCR

Mr Hudson - UEA LCR

Mr Hudson is an artist who defies categorisation. Feted by Kanye West and Jay-Z, he is lyrically at home in the world of hip hop but his melodies and vocals cross over into new wave, reggae and, at times, soul.

Supported by Tinie Tempah, of Pass Out fame, it was clearly his reputation in the hip hop arena that attracted many of those who packed the LCR last night.

But while it is impossible to ignore such acclaim, he is more than just a hanger on to the stars - his unique talent is to fuse together sounds to create something original and timeless, a samplers dream.

The Straight No Chaser tour kicks off with the song of the same name before moving on to the lament of Knew We Were Trouble.

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White Lies, with it's sing along chorus, helps set the pace but a surprise highlight of the night is There Will Be Tears. This is a slow paced balled, not naturally at home in a live performance, but it soars to a thrilling crescendo.

It is at moments like this - and on hit single Supernova - that Mr Hudson excels. The deep beats may be a trademark but it is his sublime vocal harmonies that set him apart.

There is no doubting that his recent profile is partly due to the endorsement of others, but that comes on the years of hard work and he deserves it, if only for attempting a style which is brilliantly different.

Ben Kendall